How we can help you, or someone you may know

Our volunteers visit, help and befriend people who have become isolated or out of touch with the community around them.

We can offer ongoing befriending support to anyone who feels isolated or lonely in Frome and the surrounding villages.  In addition we also run a volunteer community driving service to help individuals take safe essential journeys (ie to their GPs or to a Vaccination centre)

The people Active and In Touch support have become isolated and lonely through the circumstances that life has thrown at them, maybe caring for a partner for years, moving to a new area, or just not feeling confident to try new things alone. With the help of our volunteer befrienders we can make a real difference. Our volunteers meet people and spend time with them, find out their needs and interests, and help them to find their own place in the community.

Active and In Touch is supported by Frome Town Council and local businesses such as hairdressers and opticians, and medical staff, who can help pass information on to those who need it, and feeds into the wealth of activities that Frome has to offer such as the Mendip Health Walks, Active Living clubs, and special interest groups.

We were very humbled that our Volunteers were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2021 with particularly merit for our work during the pandemic


What happens next

Active and In Touch is a stepping stone out of isolation.

You may feel you could do with some support or perhaps you may know someone who we might be able to help. If so please just give us a call.

Your first visit from us

At our first meeting we will chat to you about what your needs, interests and circumstances are. This will help us to see how best we can support you.

Meeting your volunteer befriender

We will then arrange a second visit to see you and introduce you to the volunteer that is best able and available to help you.

Together we can then talk about your needs and interests, and it will be an opportunity for you to ask us any questions you might have as well as what specific help you would like.

Over time, a member’s needs may change, and a review of the help we provide will take place.

Respect, dignity and safety

All our volunteers are fully trained.  At their induction they are made aware of the need to dress appropriately and to treat people with respect and dignity, and that listening is of the utmost importance.
We have helped so many people in so many different ways.  Currently, our youngest member is 30 and our oldest is 96.

For instance, with one very anxious lady it was about building up her confidence and, by gently taking her along to different activities, she now feels much less anxious and even comes along to the Active Tuesday group on her own.

One of our volunteers began by taking an elderly gentleman, who had only just moved to the area, to the local lunch club;  something he would not have felt comfortable to do on his own.  Here he met new friends and after a few months he was very happy to just go on his own.

As you can see, the ethos behind the project is not complex, but when we simply extend the hand of friendship to those in need we really can change lives.

Active and In Touch cannot thank their sponsors and supporters enough for their continuing support with fundraising in 2021. With costs of transport, admin, venue charges etc., we are always in need of extra help in fundraising to meet those financial needs. If you are a local business or individual that is looking for a charity to support, then look no further! Since starting in 2011, we have helped over 500 people in Frome to date. Currently we are helping 275 members and getting new referrals every week. We have 250 volunteers and we are in need of more, including fundraising volunteers.

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic we have never been busier:  The following is an approx number of contacts in 2021

1:1 Befriending – Approx – 4000 sessions
1:1 Phonecalls – Approx – 8000 calls
Essential Journeys – 1350 (170 /month)
Mon Gp – 3- 5 Members / 2-3 Volunteers   – 50
Tue Gp 25-30 Members / 6 volunteers –  1250
Events – Frome Half Marathon, Tea in Park, Art Project (800)
Total of interactions / engagements 15,450


 Fewer hospital appointment

Fewer GP appointments

Over 50 people shielding supported

Over 200 Prescriptions delivered

Over 150 Vaccination journeys made

​Please email [email protected] if you can help and would like to hear more about how you can help us fundraise.


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